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Young Adult Outreach - Central Asia 2016: Sunday Experience by Ryanne

Central Asia 2016: Sunday Experience by Ryanne

Posted by Stephen Baab on

Hello Friends,

A quick update for you all…

On Sunday, our time gathering with our brothers and sisters was a powerful time. Some interpreters were provided, so we were able to listen and comprehend an excellent sermon. During our worship time, all of us were very blessed by singing some familiar songs. As we sang praises in two different languages it reminded me of what it will be like in heaven, when we are worshiping with people from every nation and tongue.

This morning we did a prayer walk. This was an especially meaningful time as we split into smaller teams and prayed throughout the neighborhood. We were also able to meet and start planning out our camping trip next week. There is a lot of planning to do, but I’m so excited to see what He is going to accomplish through this trip next week. We would love it if you would join in our prayers for preparation and planning.

We have all greatly experienced His presence in our time here. Thank you for your continued prayers.