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Young Adult Outreach - Earrings for "Doll"

Earrings for "Doll"

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

A young Central Asian girl was raped by several men in her village. Shame, bewilderment, and cultural forces silenced her from reporting her perpetrators or sharing her tragedy with her family. Too young and innocent to know she was pregnant she suffered for several months with what she thought was stomach aches before her mother took her to see a doctor. When the truth was discovered her mother took her to get an abortion, but because she was already six months along the clinic could not preform the procedure.

Her mother brought her to a crisis center where the staff nicknamed her "Doll" because she was so young, petite, and pretty. Doll spent the next year and a half staying in the crisis center receiving care and counseling. During this time there were two births - Doll was born again when she placed her faith in Jesus, and a beautiful little girl was born who was named Adelina.

Unable to return to her village, Doll transferred to another crisis center in a larger city where she could receive an education and vocational training. During her time there she met a "believer man". This man fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. In this part of the world instead of a ring, earrings are given as a symbol of engagement. So when the time came, Believer Man gave Doll not one pair of earrings, but two. One for her, and one for her daughter - receiving them both as his, and promising to love them both forever. Taking what was once abused, cast out, blemished and despised, and making it a radiant bride! This is the story of Doll, this is the story of redemption.


This is the story we heard today of how God triumphs over evil. Please continue to pray for us while we are here, and for the people of this region.