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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Church, Chateau, and Lots of Bread

France 2016: Church, Chateau, and Lots of Bread

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hello everyone, this is Courtney!

We are all doing well and learning a lot! This morning our team ate breakfast (which consisted of coffee, nutella, and bread) attended church with Roy and Jen. This church is one of 13 churches in Grenoble with an average attendance of 40 people each; which means that out of 400,000 people about 520 of them attended church today. We sang a variety of worship songs and the sermon this morning was on Romans 3:27-4:25 and, of course, everything was in French. The church here is similar to the churches I have attended at home in the way they worship. They sang a variety of songs and people were able to worship in whatever way they choose to: whether that is standing, lifting their hands, or using sign language. A difference that I noticed, but also appreciated, was before the sermon as well as before communion, the congregation had multiple people pray. They prayed in a popcorn prayer style, which allowed whoever wanted to pray to pray aloud as he or she felt led. Even though I couldn’t understand the prayers, I felt that it unified the congregation because people could hear what was on the hearts of those in their church family. It was such a privilege to worship with the congregation, be an encouragement for them as well as be encouraged by them.

After Church, we went back to Roy and Jen’s to eat lunch (with more bread) and relax before we visited the Chateau de Vizille. It was beautiful with so much history. Roy and Jen are extremely knowledgeable of Grenoble and the history behind it and told us events that occurred at the Chateau. We walked on the paths into the woods along a small river; this was a peaceful way to relax and walk and talk as a team. I was able to have a pleasant conversation with Jen on our walk back and got to know her better and hear about how she and Roy met back in the States.

Another highlight of the day was watching Roy and Jen’s kids open the gift of goodies from the Heirs Together Sunday school class from Calvary. Jen made all the kids wait until they were together to open it, and for good reason! They were so excited to see Reese’s peanut butter cereal and butterfingers (really anything with peanut butter because they don’t sell that in Grenoble), book series, and cheese powder to make Mac and cheese. It was fun to see how excited they were about the small things. And of course we ate dinner with them, which included even more bread. 


Prayers Requests

  • We begin prayer walking tomorrow! Pray for the people we may interact with tomorrow and for the weather to allow us to walk (the forecast predicts storms)
  • We are still recovering from jet leg, so pray that we will have energy for tomorrow. Also pray for Roy and Jen to have energy because it is a lot of extra work to have us all here.
  • Continue to pray against spiritual warfare so that we will not be discouraged and that the truth of the gospel will prevail over any schemes of the devil.