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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Climbing the Iron Road

France 2016: Climbing the Iron Road

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hello Everyone,

This is Bradley here. We had a great day of adventure. In the morning we headed out to, after some preparation, to pray around 3 mosques in the city of Grenoble. We were split into groups of three. This was before, during and after one of their prayer times. During this time we saw many kids, men, and mothers come for the prayer time. Muslims have 5 required prayers a day at set specific times. The mosque my group went to we also had visited and toured the day before. After this time praying for God to move in their lives we went back to the missionaries' house for lunch. That afternoon we got to hear the story from a mother and her grown son becoming Christians while in Syria, and why and how they eventually left Syria. In their time in Syria, they also helped to share the Gospel with friends and family members. In fact, the Grandfather had come to faith three days before he died. I can only imagine how many more stories they would have to share given the time. My favorite part of the day was our last part. We climbed up a cliff face which had iron hooks all the way up. This climb was from the bottom of a cliff up to the top which was a bastille, a castle of sorts. It was quite tiring, but very enjoyable and the view at the end was worth it.  A climb of this nature is called a via ferrata.

Tomorrow we will head out to two markets, a North African market, and a French market. There we will spend some time and see more of the cultural differences as well as buying our food for lunch. We will also get to meet up with a friend of the missionary family who used to be a Muslim and hopefully have dinner with him.

Pray that as our time here comes to a close that we realize the wonder of what God has done and is doing through us. Pray for these communities that we have been working in and praying for. They need God to work in miraculous ways. There is no way man alone could do that which is needed here. Pray that He will raise up small house churches all over and that Grenoble will become a powerful center of the spread of Christianity throughout France. For those who don't know France is mostly Atheist with the exception of the immigrant and refugee population of Muslims with Christianity being a rarity. Pray that we have a safe trip home as well on Sunday morning.

In Christ, 

The France Team