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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Country Hoppin!

France 2016: Country Hoppin!

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hello friends! This is Kirstin writing from Grenoble France.

Today we visited a couple cities outside of Grenoble. We first went to Geneva, Switzerland and learned more about the Reformation era and the men that contributed to this time of change in our church history. The second city, Annecy, France, had a pottery shop that made me think about how God molds us all differently. As I looked at the different sizes of pots, pitchers and cups, I thought about myself in relation to these pieces of pottery. Often, I want to be like the big pitchers and be able to pour out big and mighty things, like the Reformers who we learned about today did. However, God doesn’t make us all big pitchers like them, without a cup a pitcher would have little use. Cups support the pitcher and give it a greater meaning and purpose. Likewise, there are different sizes of cups and pitchers for different occasions and we saw many different styles of them. Each piece was created intentionally and for a specific purpose. While we may not see ourselves as big and mighty pieces of pottery like John Calvin and the other Reformers we learned about today, we were all created fro a specific purpose and reason. We are all supporters in God’s big mission and he has designed us to live into that calling.

As our time here in France is ending soon, please pray for our team to remain strong and healthy. Pray that we can continue to be an encouragement to the missionaries who are hosting us, and pray that we will have a safe travels home and for our last few days to run smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers!