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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Mountain Conquered!

France 2016: Mountain Conquered!

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Greetings from the team here in Grenoble. This is Gary with today's update.

While at Camp of the Peaks a few days ago, some of us attempted to climb the "Alps."  When I agreed to go the variances between energetic twenty-somethings and middle aged men like me never entered my mind. On the way down, the three women found me only half way up. (They only went three quarters of the way.)  To be here and not achieve "the feather-in-my-cap" for climbing the "Alps" to the top was disappointing. 

Back in Grenoble, today, I got a second chance on a smaller mountain. This time my heart leaped with joy as I reached Fort St. Eynard at the peak! Mountain conquered!

Earlier today we made another conquest.  Our group did something 90% of French Christians would never do.  We went into a large Muslim apartment neighborhood seen by locals as unsafe due primarily to an incident one year ago.

We split up into teams and with interpreters knocked on the doors of five or six floors worth of apartments asking to pray for the families and leaving a gift of cookies and a DVD which presents the gospel to those who would accept our offer.

We had a variety of responses from inviting us in to confused and not interested.  Many of the responses were based on cultural differences in understanding our intentions.  Many surprised as no one I'm aware of, except Jehovah Witnesses, would visit them like this.  Two good contacts for a revisit were made plus lots of seeds planted for someone to pick up where we left off.

Many Christians in the west interpret the Bible as "Go into all the world...except for where it may be unsafe." Today we got a lesson in bringing the gospel to "ALL" creatures where ever they may be.