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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Prayer Walking and Refugee Care

France 2016: Prayer Walking and Refugee Care

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hey, this is Andrew Schohl! Today was a truly powerful experience for our France team. We started this morning with a prayer walk around two primary neighborhoods, La Villeneuve and Mistral. The weather was bright and sunny, so it was great to walk around these two cities. We broke up into several teams and each prayed for the nonbelievers in the area. Roy and Jen are such good hosts in assisting us in our walks. After the walk, we joined the Melting Potes to eat lunch and share ministry experiences. They are a college student outreach program here in Grenoble. The leaders of this campus outreach expressed the need for God’s presence in European universities. It was amazing to see the courage and interaction these people had in sharing the gospel. After lunch, we as a group went to the refugees’ homes and took some trash to the neighborhood dumpsters. This was no small feat as we transported eight televisions, six bikes, and many other objects that needed to be moved. We did not get all of the garbage moved, but we hope to finish the job later this week. During dinner we shared heartfelt stories, joyful memories, and anticipation for tomorrow.