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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Tour Through Lyon

France 2016: Tour Through Lyon

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hello everyone, this is Bradley Webb 

We have had a busy day with an early start for the whole team, well at least early from my view. We headed out at 7:30 to Lyon; about an hour drive from Grenoble. In Lyon we took the tram downtown to a church where we met up with a group from Liberty University that is working primarily in Lyon for a time. With them we toured the city of Lyon praying for people as we went. One particularly different part of the city they called little Algeria, because it looks on this street like you are in Algeria. We saw many Islamic stores selling everything from Hijabs (Burka) to the Qur’an to incense, and even some tasty candy from their culture. It is rather amazing that you could turn down a street and go from French culture middle class to the poor of Islamic immigrant culture. 

Tomorrow we will be heading to Camp of the Peaks, and will stay there for one night. There we will be working at a camp doing some sort of physical labor to help prepare their camp for their various programs. Pray that while we are there God will help us to be good workers, and pray for continued unity amongst our team. God has blessed us with a great team that has all bonded quickly, amongst ourselves, and with the missionary family we are partnered with. Also pray that in our time here God will teach us as well as use us for his glory, in a way that is not short term.

 Thanks for your prayers,

 Bradley Webb