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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: Trash, Mosque, and Pizza

France 2016: Trash, Mosque, and Pizza

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Hello everyone! This is Courtney Armbrester!

Today we our team went back to help remove the rest of the garbage and trash. Some of the refugees came outside and helped the team load the trash. There was a lot of good conversation and building relationships with the refugees. The refugees were extremely appreciative of our help because they were at risk of being kicked out. Since the refugees are "sqatting" there, if they get too messy they will be told to leave. They told Roy that a few days prior, people were taking pictures of the trash piles. The refugees were relieved to have the trash taken care of by the team. 

I, however, was not able to help transport the garbage/trash because Jen and I had to go take care of same paper work. When I was cleaning the refugee home a few days ago, I was cleaning the bottom half of a wall, I tried to lean back to reach something while bracing myself with my arm and ended up dislocating my shoulder. So I had a nice morning getting to know Jen better when we figured payment for my ER visit. I was able to experience the upside of socialism, which is inexpensive healthcare. 

We had lunch and Andrew and Gary helped Roy take care of the last bit of trash. The rest of the team had a bit of a siesta before we left for the mosque. 

We arrived at the mosque near the end of the 5 oclock prayer. Men continued to trickle into the mosque to catch the end of the prayer. After the prayer was finished, we met with Roy's neighbor's friend who is a devout Muslim (the Imam was not able to meet with us today). He was extremely knowledgeable and enjoyed showing us the mosque. It was simple on the inside with striped brown and tan carpet for people to line up on for prayers. The women had a small balcony section so that they could pray but would be separated from the men. After our tour, we went into the conference room and our guide told us about the history of Islam in France. We also had a brief Question and Answer time. We all thought the visit was eye-opening and a very tangible experience with Islam. 

After the mosque we went out for pizza and enjoyed the evening in downtown Grenoble! 


Prayer Requests:

-We are going to Geneva, Switzerland tomorrow. Pray for safe travel and good weather! 

-For the team to stay focused on the Lord and being in France and not to be distracted because the trip is coming to an end.