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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: We Have Only Just Begun!

France 2016: We Have Only Just Begun!

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

...And this has only been the beginning!

We're excited and humbled by the way we've been able to see the Lord at work already in being faithful in answering prayers!  It's been almost 24 hours to the minute that we left Grand Rapids and eventually arrived in Grenoble, France and already toured through the town to get a "lay of the land." We are settled into our accommodations now for the night to get some much needed rest before our day tomorrow.

After being witnesses of God's faithfulness to us in our fundraising efforts by providing every dollar for each of the nine of us to have the opportunity to come on this trip, His impeccable timing allowed us to catch our flight to Paris by the skin of our teeth!  Our flight was over a half hour delayed leaving Grand Rapids and with only a 51 minute layover to begin with in Minneapolis, we were calling on the Lord and our prayer warriors to pray that we'd make our connecting flight to Paris. By God's grace we caught our flight to Paris after running through the terminals at the Minneapolis airport (which is no small airport).

As a team, we've already been able to spend quality time connecting with our missionary host family here in Grenoble. It has been refreshing to see their heart for the North African Muslim immigrant community here in Grenoble.  A community that so easily gets neglected by the rest of the culture in Grenoble.  

In the coming days we will be learning more first hand about this people group and how to most effectively communicate to them the truth of how much God loves them and how he showed that by giving us his Son Jesus as the final payment for our sins so we could live eternally with Him!

Be praying for continued energy for our team as we'll be dealing with the affects of jet lag for the next couple mornings. Pray that we wake up energized and ready to go each day and for stamina to continue pressing into every task the Lord lays before us each day.  Pray for the hearts of those who we will be interacting with over the next couple days in the refugee home here in Grenoble and on our prayer walks through the various neighborhoods this family works with.  Ramadan also begins for those in the Muslim faith on June 6.  Pray that the power of the gospel will break any stronghold the devil tries to leverage through this time of intense prayer, fasting and meditation surrounding Ramadan.  On the contrary, pray that Muslims around the world would be coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior throughout this time as well.

Included is our prayer calendar which follows each day with agenda specific prayer requests for each day.  Of course the agenda may change at any time, but it represents each days' activities to the best of our knowledge. Thanks for reading!


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