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Young Adult Outreach - France 2016: We've Only Just Begun!

France 2016: We've Only Just Begun!

Posted by Paul Wiersma on

Greetings from Charles De Gualle Airport in Paris, France!  We'll be boarding for our flight into Detroit Metro soon to connect home to Grand Rapids later this evening.

It can be easy to come to the end of a trip or experience like the time we've had in France over the past 2 weeks and reflect on what an awesome time we had and the relationships we've made.  The trick is transferring what we learned, saw and experienced into God's overall plan for our daily lives back home.  It'd be hard to come back from the trip we've had and watch news of the Syrian refugee crisis the same, or when we read about the Lord's concern for the widowed, orphaned, or stranger, have an unchanged level of concern for those people as what we had prior to working with refugees in Grenoble. I think I can speak for everyone's behalf and say that our prayer lives were definitely exercised and strengthened! Pray that we continue to seek the Lord in the ways he has spoken to us over the course of this trip!

Continue to pray for the country of France as they have denied their need for any morsel of spirituality.  Pray for the refugees we worked with as Roy continues to minister to them and that their hearts would be turned to the divinity of Jesus and his death and resurrection. Keep Roy and his family in your prayers as they continue to be faithful to make disciples in Grenoble.

Thank you for your prayers while we've been in France! We so much appreciate it!