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Young Adult Outreach - From Kathi

From Kathi

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

Every day has been overflowing with adventures and challenges. I can't think of a more valuable way to invest two weeks of "vacation" time, The training in how to reach out to Muslims has been excellent, and I've developed the highest regard for Roy and Jennifer. Watching Jennifer's selfless, meticulous care for us has been truly inspirational, as has Roy's undying heart for evangelism and his genuine love for people. Roy has made friends everywhere, and he deserves them!! Mason has the perfect balance of playfulness and passion for Jesus; I think he's really well suited for his position at Calvary. I've been blessed to participate in dozens of mission trips over the years, but this one has been unforgettable and will continue to be a source is inspiration and transformation in my life. I'm very new at Calvary but so happy to have been allowed to join this mission team and pray that my time with bear fruit for His glory, I know I will certainly pray with more insight and concern for Roy and Jennifer's family and ministry in future. Thanks for making this trip possible!!!