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Young Adult Outreach - God is at Work!

God is at Work!

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

What wonderful day in Grenoble! It has been such a blessing to see God work in so many different ways! If we came back with even half of the stories of the amazing experiences that we have had on this trip, it would still be an enormous blessing with abounding testimonies of God’s greatness.

Today we got a chance to do a prayer-walk in one of the most troubled neighborhoods in Grenoble. It’s an area of 18,000 people made up mostly of immigrants. This neighborhood has seen similar troubles to those in Ferguson back home and is in desperate need of the peace that comes from the gospel. We got to walk through the apartment complexes and parks praying that God would bring transformation to the lives of those who live there. This time was wonderful as we got to intercede on behalf of the lost. God provided opportunities for some of us to share the gospel with some of the young men and to pray for a young man who seemed so stunned when we asked to pray for him that we might as well of had horns coming out of our heads.

After that Roy and JP joined us and we headed back to the primary neighborhood where Roy has his ministry. We handed out invitations to the barbeque that is going to be held by Roy’s church as an outreach and asked people if we could pray for them. God provided two powerful and encouraging encounters with believers who lived in that neighborhood, which considering that statistically you need to meet almost 4000 people in Grenoble before you would meet another believer is astonishing and refreshing. God is already at work there and He will continue to use Roy and his church to make disciples there.

If the day had ended there, that would have been enough blessing, but what stands out to me the most is the dinner time. Roy and Jennifer invited several of their friends who were MBB’s. They made a traditional meal for us which was fantastic, but what was even better than the food, was the fellowship. The time was precious as we heard these believer’s testimonies through translators, listing to the stories of tragic loss that brought them to know the Lord. It was astounding to think of the amazing things that God is doing all over the world. When He is accomplishing change in and restoration in our lives in west Michigan, He is at the same time at work in the hearts of those in France and Algeria and in Syria. We serve a huge God and his purposes are so much larger than anyone can comprehend.

As we look forward to the rest of the things that God is going to accomplish while we are here, we invite you to remember us and our work here in your prayers.

Much love in Christ

-Silas and the France Team