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Young Adult Outreach - Grenoble Arrival

Grenoble Arrival

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

Today we left North Africa and arrived in France. First, thank you all for the many prayers - they were certainly felt. Our time in North Africa was powerful, challenging, and opened our eyes and our hearts to North African people. 

Second, my apologies for the vague and sparce posts but the internet was heavily monitored and we needed to be wise in our wording so as to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to ourselves. Over the next couple of days we will be filling you in on more of our experiences last week.

We are settled into our hostel, ready for a good night's rest so that we are fresh for the day ahead tomorrow.  On our arrival, Roy and Jennifer welcomed us to their home for a home cooked meal and some family time. We are all feeling nourished, both body and soul.  Grenoble is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!  Nestled in between mountain streams and gorgeous peaks on every side the views are breathtaking!  The setting sun lit up the mountain side, painting the clouds an array of lavenders, pinks, and rosy orange that swept from east to west.  Oh Lord, Oh, Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth?  The beauty of His handiwork is proclaimed throughout the land. We are overwhelmed at the beauty our Lord has shown us in His creation of this earth and it's people.  From desert oasis to mountain peaks, across oceans vast and deep - our Lord reigns over all!

Please praise God with us and keep us in your prayers: Praise Him that although two team members have been ill, both we're ill durning times of travel or transit and our work and plans haven't been affected. Pray for health and rest for our team going forward. Pray that we'll be able to see with spiritual eyes as we head into downtown Grenoble tomorrow and as we witness and testify to God's glory and pronounce the name of Jesus over this land in prayer in conversation. Please see the other prayer requests on our prayer calendar too!

"That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations." (Psalm 67:2)