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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2015 - Wrapping it up

Guyana 2015 - Wrapping it up

Posted by Sue Schroeder on

Lots of lasts have occurred in the past 24 hours.  First we had our last Crusade of the trip yesterday evening.  It was an interesting evening.  We were competing with a Hindu crusade that was happening at the same time and in the same neighborhood.  We also encountered several Hindus that had had a bad experience with Christianity.  We shared the love of Christ and prayed for God to heal these people's hearts.  God was good in all these situations.  At the Crusade Jenna and Daniela each shared beautiful solos, John taught, and Brian and Austin shared their testimonies.  It was a special night as the realization of leaving the lovely people of Guyana hit us.

Then this morning we had our final VBS.  It was a happy and sad day rolled into one.  Happy in that this was the day that we especially concentrated on sharing the salvation message and invited kids to give their life to Jesus.  Sad because we had to say goodbye to all 105 precious children that we have come to love!  Several children accepted Christ through VBS.  It is so excited to see how they now know the love of Christ!

After VBS we had a wonderful lunch of curried chicken and rice and then boarded the bus to drive into Georgetown for our debrief time.  We had a refreshing time in the pool and then had a great dinner at our hotel. 

Tomorrow we will do a little shopping and then spend some more team time debriefing.  Many on our team have talked about wanting to stay here.  The Guyanese people have touched our hearts.  One thing we know for sure is that we will see the fellow believers in heaven one day. 

Prayer Request

- safety for our travel time back on Sunday

- prayer for all the flights to go well

- pray for each person as they reflect on what God has been teaching them on this trip and for reentry into the US

- pray for all the people who accepted Christ while we have been here.

Please forgive no pictures.  I really need to go to sleep.

Blessings -

Sue and the Guyana Team