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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2015: 1st Crusade and Market Morning

Guyana 2015: 1st Crusade and Market Morning

Posted by Sue Schroeder on with 2 Comments

Yesterday, we had our 1st crusade in the evening in the village of Tain. We arrived in the village around 5pm and were blessed to have a crew from the local churches there to set up our sound equipment and lights. While waiting for the crusade to begin, we split into groups and went through the neighborhoods to invite people to the crusade. It's amazing how open and social the culture is: we can walk up to any home, call "Inside?" and are likely to have someone come out to speak with us.

The crusade began as the sun set, with a cool breeze bringing about 70 people out to our stage. The breeze also carried the sound from the loudspeakers to many people listening in their homes. We started with the Guyanese worship team singing some upbeat songs, then we mixed in our songs and two testimonies from Michael and Seth. We also presented our first skit, the Sin Chair. This skit shows a man being trapped by sin; others try to help him and are also trapped, until a character prayers for the group to be released from their sins. Pastor Vishal also gave an excellent sermon on how God's love for us is the ultimate love story, more powerful than Romeo and Juliet or a parent's love for his child. We were able to talk and pray with people afterward. Seeing God's word bring the community together was an awesome experience, and we are excited for the upcoming crusades.




This Saturday morning we set out to visit the market in Port Mourant. We walked as groups through the crowded market and saw many stalls with spices, tropical fruits, and live produce. Some of the team even watched chickens being processed from pen to table, and others in the team were thankful to avoid that experience! We tried guinep, which are a sort of tart jelly-like cherry that you suck on to remove the fruit from the pit. Pastor Vishal took us for a brief visit to Crabwood Creek, where we saw his home church.



We are spending the afternoon resting and rehearsing for our second crusade, which will be in Tain tonight.

Praise God for:

  • An amazing day filled with rehearsals and our first crusade.
  • The welcome, cool breeze that God provided during the crusade. Emily described it like the breath of God, as it refreshed our team and carried the music and message to many homes.
  • The fact that Guyana allows a church to hold a public worship crusade right on the street and provide us with the opportunity to bring God directly to the doors and porches of many homes in the area.
  • Blessing us with incredible food that is a rich blend of tropical flavors and spice, and for giving Naomi, Anna, Shelly, and our local chefs patience to create many meals for 19 people.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our 2nd crusade is tonight at 6, so please pray that:
    • People continue to come to hear the gospel, and that they would understand it clearly.
    • God works in the lives of the people we were able to speak with Friday night, and that they would be encouraged to share and invite others to attend the crusades.
    • God continues to provide us with skill, enthusiasm, and joy for sharing our music, message, and performances.
    • God stretches us in our faith and continues to challenge us to be bold as we engage in conversations with the Guyanese people.
    • Please pray for health for our team as the humidity has kept our "feels like" temperatures near 100 degrees during the day.
    • Please also pray that there is electrical power when needed. There have been multiple [short] power outages in the past couple of days (although none yet on Saturday), so please continue to pray that power will be available when it is needed for VBS, and other ministry-related activities.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Alex Jacobsson and the 2015 Guyana team


Kent Snoeyink August 2, 2015 10:18am

Looks like you're having rich experiences! We're praying for you all.
Love, The Snoeyink family

Emma Brainard August 2, 2015 1:58pm

It is so exciting to see how God is using you in Guyana! I love seeing the pictures and reading what you are doing! You're in my prayers! Much love to Maddie and Jenna (and their moms