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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2015: Crusades in the Miss Phoebe village

Guyana 2015: Crusades in the Miss Phoebe village

Posted by Sue Schroeder on

Last night (Tuesday), the crusade moved to Miss Phoebe, one of the nearby villages. Miss Phoebe is a nicer neighborhood than the Tain street we were on for our past three crusades, with larger homes and paved streets. This also made it harder to reach people, as we walked the streets before the crusade and many homes were closed off or people seemed reluctant to speak with us. Our stage was setup in front of a home owned by a church member on a T-intersection in the road, so we had some people drive or ride bikes through during the crusade.

We prayed a lot throughout the crusade, both that God would provide us with the words we needed and open the hearts of those in the area. Lynn and Tabby were nervous about giving their testimonies, but did very well. Our team presented the skit, Ribbons, in the street because the angle of the spotlights made the stage area dimly lit. This is a version of the popular "Everything" skit that many churches have performed, but we had adapted it to use ribbons that bind the human to the sins the pull at them. It was an emotional and moving performance, with the human being tormented by their sins that only Jesus had the power to remove. Zach performed a solo of "I Will Follow" that was well presented.

Seth gave the sermon at the crusade. He had given a "half-sermon" before to a college group, but this was his first full-length sermon and it tied well to the skit and testimonies of the evening. His message talked about how we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and how God provides us with release from our sins and depression through the grace of Jesus. Even though most of our audience were members of the Guyanese churches, the message was very powerful and we pray it reached the community.

Wednesday we were at the Tain church early for VBS. It was a hot day but we kept the energy up throughout the morning as we had 84 kids attend VBS. Today's theme explored how the Good Shepherd cares for His sheep and comes to our help when we call for Him. In crafts, we made shepherd staff bookmarks and scratch-off pictures with today's memory verse from Psalm 23. Michael and Lynn have been amazing running the outdoor games in the high humidity and bright sun. It's hard to get the kids to focus on the games as we have trouble explaining through the dialect barrier, and some of the games they just don't understand.

After a delicious lunch (we haven't had a single meal here that isn't delicious!), Sue, Lisa, and Kristie organized orders for hammocks, machetes, sugar, and vanilla which the team bought with Guyanese dollars. To conserve water, all eight guys successfully had a communal bro-shower in the outdoor water tower shower, as the ladies were able to rest in the air-conditioned rooms of the house.


  • We had a brief power outage last night, but the power was restored quickly so we didn't overheat last night. Continue to pray for electricity and water.
  • The first three days of VBS have gone very well and have been a lot of fun.
  • While some of the team felt ill earlier in the week, everyone is healthy and staying strong.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Maddie and Lisa, who will be sharing their testimonies tonight during the crusade. Pray that God would calm any nerves they have and that He would use their testimonies powerfully.
  • Pray that kids will remember to invite their friends and neighbors to VBS and that others in the neighborhood who have heard about the VBS would remember that it is happening and that they would come. We have a large group, but there is room for many more children in the church.
  • Pray that God would give us the strength and energy we need for the next few days, as they are long with VBS in the morning and crusades at night.
  • Please pray for the crusades in Miss Phoebe:
    • Pray that many people come out from the neighborhoods.
    • Pray that the gospel would be clearly understood and that God would bring people to faith.
    • Pray for John and Josh, as they are sharing the message at tonight's crusade. Pray that God speaks through them as work to finish their notes for their sermon.

 -- Alex Jacobsson and the Here 4 Him team.