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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2015 - Last Crusade in Tain and Start of VBS

Guyana 2015 - Last Crusade in Tain and Start of VBS

Posted by Sue Schroeder on

Sunday night was our last Crusade in Tain.  It has been such a amazing experience each night.  We are under the stars with a glorious cooling breeze blowing in from the ocean as we praise and worship Christ with fellow Guyanese believers and others that are just wondering what all the excitement is about. 

Last night Alex and Emily gave their testimonies.  Alex shared about how God changed his heart to recognize that we need to serve others as Christ did rather than ourselves.  Emily shared how she turned to Christ during some very difficult situations and He got her through them.  

The evening ended with Pastor Vishal giving a rousing teaching on how each one of us needs to accept Christ today and time is limited.  The rain held off just long enough for him to finish.  Akash, a young adult that many of the team members have been interacting with at the crusades, gave his live over to Christ last night.  It was exciting to rejoice with this new brother in Christ. Please be praying for him.  Tuesday we will start Crusades at a new location.

This morning was our first morning for Vacation Bible School (VBS).  We will be meeting each morning from 9am-12pm Monday - Friday.  Please be praying that hearts will be changed here.  There were about 50 children that came this morning and we encouraged them to all bring friends tomorrow! So many of God's beautiful children!


Our theme is the Good Shepherd.  Fluffy made another appearance and is continuing to get into trouble...but the Good Shepherd is always there to get Fluffy back on track.  We played fling the rubber chicken, freeze tag, and made sheep puppets with the kids.  There was also a lesson, skit, and time to work on their memory verse.  We are praising God for helping everything come together. 

We had the afternoon off today and went and cooled down at a pool.  That was really nice! 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for continued good weather for VBS and the upcoming crusades at a new location.
  • Pray for the health of the whole team.  We have had a few not feeling well, but I think we are close to being back to full force.
  • Pray for tomorrow as it will be our first day with VBS and a Crusade.  We are finding that the heat can zap our energy.  Please pray that God would give us strength and energy for the day.
  • Pray for the Crusade as we set up at a new location and will need to invite people to attend. 

Blessings - Sue and The Guyana Team