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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2015: Rest, Prayer, and Preparation

Guyana 2015: Rest, Prayer, and Preparation

Posted by Sue Schroeder on

Yesterday proved to be a wonderful day of rest. When we weren't sleeping, we were able to spend a lot of time with one another. We also started getting to know our hosts, Pastor Vishal, his wife Naomi, their kids, and two others--Anna and Shelly.

Later in the day, we had the opportunity to visit Tain Bible Church, where we'll be hosting a Vacation Bible School next week. The pastor--Pastor Steve--and his wife Joy introduced us to some of the Guyanese church members who will be helping with VBS and the crusades. After introductions, we broke off with them into groups of three or four and went through the area surrounding the church to invite the community members to the first crusade (which will be tonight) and to VBS next week, praying as we went.


This morning, we began preparing together as a team for VBS and the crusades, learning motions for the VBS songs, singing through music that the worship team has prepared for tonight, and practicing the skit that the drama will be performing at the crusade.

Praise God for:

  • Bringing the team closer through travel, rest, team time, and preparation.
  • Providing safe travel and providing times for physical rest as well as for spiritual encouragement.
  • Giving us the opportunity to meet other Guyanese believers and pray with them in person for the Tain community. It is exciting to be here seeing the homes and meeting the people that we have been praying for for such a long time.

Prayer Requests:

  • The first crusade is tonight at 6, so please pray:

                         -That many would come to hear the gospel, and that

                           they would understand it clearly.

                         -That the worship would go smoothly and that it would be a

                           time of true, spirit-filled worship and that God's presence

                           would be felt (this last part goes for the whole crusade).

                         -That God would use the drama team's skit to bring home the

                           gospel message to those who are present.

                         -That God would give us boldness as we sing, act,

                           and engage in conversations with the Guyanese people.

  • Please continue to pray for team unity throughout the whole trip.
  • Please also pray that there is electrical power when needed. There have been multiple [short] power outages in the past couple of days, so please just pray that during the next week it will be available when it is needed for VBS, and other ministry-related activities.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!


Anna Bensel and the 2015 Guyana team





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