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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2016- An Orphanage and a Crusade

Guyana 2016- An Orphanage and a Crusade

Posted by Austin Stech on with 1 Comments

 We are well underway in Guyana. Day 2 started to feel more like our regular schedule. We woke up had breakfast together and then we all headed off to a local orphanage together as a team. Due to security and safety concerns we were not permitted to take any pictures while here. These children were the victims of certain abuse and the orphanage served as a safe zone for them. The ages varied from about 1 year old up to early teens. We all enjoyed playing soccer with them, singing some songs and playing crafts and games. Our goal was to love on these kids that don't receive a lot of love and affection, while also being Jesus hands and feet to them. 

Please pray for these children for Safe loving homes. For their safety and friendships while they are in the orphanage.  

For the women that run the orphanage for their safety and well being. For continued strength and energy as they pour into and serve these children. 


Yesterday we had some down time of rest after an amazing Guyanese lunch. We used this time to prepare for our evening crusade and have a team devotional. 

Our first crusade went pretty well. We were in the village of Hampshire at Andy and Kathleen gurwinauths church. This is a strong Hindu and Islam village. These crusades are outdoor evangelistic sermons. There is a stage and lights set up on the side of the street and they have a piano guitars drum set microphones and large speakers broadcasting Everything loudly into the neighborhood villages around. 

We co led this crusade with our Guyanese friends from the local churches. Our team had the privilege of leading a few songs, doing a skit and sharing a testimony on stage. Pastor Jim also had the privilege of speaking and sharing a message with the community last night on John 4, the woman at the well. The teaching and the events of the night seemed to go over very well with the crowd. We know many people heard the message from afar in their houses, even though they were not right in front of the stage. Please pray that these hearts and minds would be open to the words they are hearing, that satans grip would be lost on this village in Jesus name.

Today the women are at a women's rally at the Gurwinauths church. Lisa Samra will be sharing with these women along with some of the Guyanese pastors wives. The women from our team will also be performing a skit and doing some music. Women here are not treated with the same amount of respect as they are in the US. This event is performed in hopes of encouraging local women in the hope of Jesus. Please be in prayer for the church of Hampshire and the women from our team today as the perform this rally this morning until 2:30 Today. The Men will be going to the local Market while the women are at the rally.

Our entire team will be back at the Hampshire church tonight for another crusade at the same place. We will also be there tomorrow night. Please be in prayer for this crusade that we can continue the work the Lord has for us.  




Sandy Fields August 7, 2016 11:24am

Thank you for the updates and pictures. It doesn't feel like you are so far away. We are praying for you all daily that the Holy Spirit will speak through your words and actions the message he has for the people there. Also that you would acclimate well to the heat. And Jessica, we love you honey!