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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2016- Lights out Gods time to Shine

Guyana 2016- Lights out Gods time to Shine

Posted by Austin Stech on

Imagine a village with streets basically only big enough for one vehicle. A four way intersection on a quieter street, no stop signs or traffic lights, unique looking houses all around, some nice and newer, some that are old and falling apart. There are piles of trash on the sides of the road, overgrown weeds and plants line the sides of the roads where trenches run the length of the streets where there are no street lights and minimal lights on in homes. This is our worship site. A site where people from different nations cultures and countries, people that look completely different from each other all coming together to worship the same God. 

This was our new scene last night at our crusade. The flow of the night was the same as it had been the previous nights. We planned to sing songs and perform a skit and have a sermon. For these crusades the association of bible churches has an industrial generator powered light trailer that lights up the night for miles. Last night just as the sun was going down and it was becoming dark these lights began having issues. They flickered and three of the 4 went out Leaving one. All before it became dark and before we began our night. People were coming in and sitting on the benches we had set up. Then the 4th light went out. We could feel the enemy trying to get a foothold on our night. Our team went over to the lights and began to pray. The Guyanese got two of the lights to come back on so we were on with our night. Then our team came up and just as we began to sing the remaining two went out. But the vehicles that were present turned on their headlights and we were back in business. This went on all night as the lights worked intermittently. The Lord has a great night planned and the enemy was trying to stop it, but we would not let that happen. We finished our songs and performed our "Set free" skit and our team member Ritz preached a sermon and Shared his testimony about Christ saving him and setting him free. The lord was still present with us and we felt his power breach over the enemies attempt to stop everything from happening. We had an amazing Jesus party in the low lit light with near 100 Guyanese brothers and sisters, still booming through the speakers into the neighborhood. 

Today we had our second day of VBS at Hampshire church, our fourth day total. Today We did our skit of Daniel and the lions den and the kids engaged well with that. We enjoyed music crafts and games all before leaving. Yesterday we had about 80 kids. Today we had 150!! Praise the Lord. Pray for our final VBS day tomorrow that we would have strength and energy to finish strong. That we can share the gospel smooth and clearly with these kids. 

We have our final crusade tonight in the same place as last night. This crusade is being held in front of a Hindu women's home. Hindus in this village have small "God houses" in their front yards. Pray that we can engage and relate to her and share the one true gospel. Also PLEASE pray for the lighting situation tonight. Ultimately that the Lords will would be done, that we can have our lights working again or that his message would still be proclaimed louder and brighter than with the lights. 

We are finishing up our main journey tomorrow here in the town of Berbice before we head off to the capital tomorrow for our debrief. Thank you for your continued prayers of strength energy protection and open hearts.