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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2016- VBS BEGINS

Guyana 2016- VBS BEGINS

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We are alive and doing well in Guyana. We have had a busy past few days but God is faithful to us! Vacation bible school began on Monday in the village of bush lot at Calvary first church. The ages of kids coming to VBS vary from 2-12. There are also some older teenagers that join who are under 16. At this VBS we started out singing our theme song "God is good". We sang a few other songs with the kids and performed a skit for them of the story of Daniel going to Babylon. We then shared the gospel with them and then Abigail Samra shared her testimony with them. After this we split up into different groups and stations of games and crafts. Our first day we had 118 kids!!! This was a surprise and a huge blessing to us! 

After VBS on Monday we went back to the house and had lunch together and took advantage of a few hours of rest time before our evening crusade. This crusade Jim had the privilege to speak again in our new location. He shared the gospel once more in a very clear visual way. 

Tuesday we woke up and again headed to VBS at Calvary church in Bush Lot. We sang songs with the kids and did crafts and games with them once more. Our skit was different on this day, we performed two for the kids. Our storyline skit was Daniel and the lions den and how "God is Good" even when life is scary. We also did our "Set free skit" for the kids that we did for evening crusade. This VBS was our final day at this church. The rest of the week we are at Hampshire bible church. 

Tuesday evening was our rest day from crusades. Pastor Andy and some of the other pastors took our team for a Guyanese fishing trip adventure! We walked through a pig farm in order to get to the fishing spot and On the other side we had to walk through a small shallow muddy water area to get to the next piece of land. This was an adventure in itself. We had a lot of fun learning from the Guyanese how they fish with nets and other fun skills. All together we caught a few bags of fish that a local man from the church, named Jerry, has since fried up the fish and seasoned them for us for part of dinner tonight!! So you could say we got a good taste of how the Guyanese get their food. After fishing we were a little muddy and a little warm. So we stopped on the river and went for a quick swim. This was very refreshing. 

Today was our first VBS day at the Hampshire bible church. We had about 80 kids today from the ages of 3-12. Our schedule was the same as we did at the previous days VBS in bush lot. We started off with some songs, the skit of Daniel going to Babylon and we then split up into craft and game stations and rotated every 25 minutes. Thankfully this church is mostly shaded with awnings outside so we got a small break from the heat and sunshine today. 

The power was out this morning when we woke up, thankfully our team house has air conditioning and a generator for outages. When we got to the church this morning the power was still off and we could feel, and see the effects of the heat without having any fans. We also had limited sound system usage. But just as we were starting for the morning, with singing our first song, the power came back on. It was a perfectly timed fixed from the Lord. VBS went very smoothly today with no major issues. Praise the Lord.

This afternoon we are getting ready to head out to our next crusade in a different location. These crusades are aimed at sharing and spreading the gospel and love of Jesus in local villages, mostly Hindu and Islamic villages. Please pray for our crusade tonight and our final one tomorrow night. One of our team mates Rietsema (Or Ritz) will be preaching tonight. He felt the Lord lay on his heart just on Monday to preach and speak tonight so he has spent many hours preparing for tonight. Please pray that the Lord would anoint him, and show up and speak through Ritz that these would not be Ritz's words but the Lords. 

Please continue to pray for opportunities for our team to engage and share the Gospel with people at the crusades, for children to be blessed and receive Jesus as their Lord. We will be sharing the gospel at VBS both tomorrow and Friday by two different men from our team. Pray that the lord would speak through them and be present and that the children would hear The message clearly.

The lord has called each and everyone of our team members to be here and be on this team as we discussed today in our team meeting. Please pray for each and every one of us to use these gifts the lord has given us and discover what the Lord is trying to reveal to us personally. Also that the Lord would protect us from the enemies lies about being unqualified or pointless on this trip. The lord has us here for a reason and we plan to continue to seek him out in that. 

Thank you you for your continued support.