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Young Adult Outreach - Guyana 2016 - Our God Reigns

Guyana 2016 - Our God Reigns

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Our last blog post we shared that the enemy was trying to stop our crusade from happening Wednesday night. He was trying to show his power of frightening those involved in the crusade. We asked you and others to pray along with us for Thursday nights crusade to run smoothly, for the lights to be back and working, for the enemy to not get a foot hold and for Christs  light to shine. All of these prayers were answered. The lights worked the sound worked and we followed what the lord had laid down for us to do. The enemy didn't go down without a fight though. We did two skits one of which a member from our team wrote and portrayed her personal story through the drama and her testimony of coming to salvation. Just as she was speaking through her microphone of how She laid her life down to Jesus and gave him control, her microphone sound went out, at that exact moment. She got another microphone and carried on with her testimony. The skit went over well with the crowd. Our team sang songs as normal and we had the opportunity to teach the crowd our VBS theme song "God is Good". Our team member Jason led the night again in a sermon that the Lord laid on his heart about Love. After speaking On sunday he spent time praying and felt the lord wanted him to change some things in his sermon to more directly reflect christs love. This was a clear sign  from the Lord as our last crusade was probably the most powerful.  Probably the biggest event of the night was at the end of our crusade the pastors asked and challenged the village to come forward if they needed prayer or freedom from sin. At first no one came forward but after a few minutes a man on a bicycle, clearly not in his right state of mind hobbled forward. This man, or " Drunkard" as they call them here, literally fell at Jim and Pastor Andys feet. He was addicted to alcoholism and wanted freedom. Clearly still highly intoxicated this man came forward because the spirit was moving in him. He desperately wanted freedom from this addiction that was holding him down. He was still able to clearly communicate conversationally. They sat him down on a bench to share the gospel with this man and he was mostly receptive of it and just before he prayed the words "I accept Jesus as King" he started shaking sparadically and pastor Andy spoke rebuking words to the demons holding this man down in this moment, rebuking Satan. This was the power of Satan holding this man in sin, as we heard from Jim  satans power is only against us and to show he hates us. Where christs power is of love freeing us, and freeing this man from this sin. After the pastors were done praying for this man there was a visible change in him. This is almost hard to describe other than the spirit was present and working to show his power of LOVE. A few other people also came up for prayer for physical healing and We finished our crusades with an excellent night of worship and Physically seeing Gods healing power of love over the enemy. 

Today we woke up and had our final day of VBS at Hampshire bible church. We continued to love on kids of all ages and sang and danced with them and played games and crafts. It was a bittersweet day to leave the kids but we are glad that Jesus worked through us this week to be his hands and feet to these kids. We started the week with about 80 kids and ended today with a total of 210 kids today that heard the gospel and sang songs to Jesus. It's been an exhausting week but Praise the Lord for his goodness. 

Our team came home and had a quick lunch this afternoon and packed up the bus and made our way to our hotel in the capital of Georgetown for our debrief tonight and a day of shopping in the capital tomorrow. We have safely arrived here at the Grand Coastal Hotel. Please pray for our debrief meeting and dinner tonight from 6:30-8. We are all looking forward to a day and a half of rest and spending time together before we fly home. 

Thank you again for praying us through the main portions of our trip. We honestly felt all of your prayers. We have 2 days left together before we see you all again. Please continue to pray for safety as we tour the capital tomorrow and travel home on Sunday.