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Young Adult Outreach - Oaks of Righteousness

Oaks of Righteousness

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

The last couple of days have been filled with many meetings, philosophical dialogues, deep conversations, inspiring stories, recollections of faith journeys, planning, prayers, introductions, and unparalleled hospitality (well, everywhere except the bazaar where local police harassed and searched us, and then lightened our possession of currency through slight of hand).

Last night was especially powerful as we were welcomed into a halfway house for orphaned girls for a meal and fellowship.  Their timidity and nervousness quickly gave way to chatty giggles and an assault of questions through broken English.  The joy in their hearts raidiated through their smiles, laughter, and gracious hospitality. One would never know the hardships these girls have endured through abandonment and being raised in an institutional orphanage.

These girls, rescued from the streets, are given a home environment and an opportunity to study or receive vocational training. More importantly they experience and hear about the love of our Father and salvation through His Son. In all, this house has received forty-five wounded girls over the last several years.  All but five have become believers. Those that mourned have now been given joy; they will be called oaks of righteousness, trees planted by the Lord to reveal His glory and splendor.