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Young Adult Outreach - Streets of Grenoble

Streets of Grenoble

Posted by Mason Sherrill on

Bonjour friends and family,

Life in Grenoble is treating us well. Today we stepped foot in streets that are 100s and 100s of years old! It is incredible to be standing in a place that is older than your country and just knowing that God has been there every single second. Although His presence may not be as well known as it once was, we feel so privileged to be making His name known and glorified.

We started our day with Roy and Jennifer in their apartment overlooking the mountains! We spent time in prayer and Roy and Jennifer shared their many experiences and wisdom of their time in Grenoble. With just a few minutes spent with them you quickly see their love and passion for the immigrants of Grenoble. They are incredible warriors for the Lord and it is awesome to be serving alongside them.

The majority of the day we spent learning what it's like to be completely new to a country. Any normal small task is anything but small when you don't know the language including street signs, directions, maps, etc. The later morning was spent exploring two different markets in Grenoble. One that had everything for sale from hand made goods to hair sprays to pots and pans to some food and produce items.  This market had a distinct North African feel to it. The second market was a market soley devoted to French foods. Baguettes, cheeses, meats, chocolates, were only some of the items on the table tops of the different outlets at this market.  We found food to bring to the Parc d'Olympique where we met for a picnic before beginning our walking tour of Grenoble.

Weaving through the streets of Grenoble we visited historic sites such as place de Verdun, Saint-Laurent footbridge and we even made it to Café de la Table Ronde the second oldest Café in France. It was a gorgeous day and as we made our way back to Roy and Jennifer's a storm rolled in that we got to enjoy during dinner on their deck. We also got to enjoy the company of our translators who we will be working with as we minister. As there is only 1% of Christians in France it is not the easiest thing to be a young believer so it was interesting to hear their stories as well to pray with them and encourage them.


We’re thankful to be provided with this depth, insight, and education into the culture we’ll minister to throughout the remainder of our time here! We hope it provides a way into their hearts that strikes a unique chord to share the Gospel message in a very real, tangible way!

Shannon W.