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9:00 & 10:45am

Weekly Update

This Week’s Sermon

  • Blessed Are the Meek
  • Matthew 5:5
  • Adam Anderson
  • December 04, 2022

Weekly Focus

Celebrating Christmas at Calvary

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, our Righteous Savior. Throughout the weeks approaching Christmas we remember the first coming of Jesus and we look ahead to His second coming. In these days, the darkness of winter draws upon us, and we feel the burden of a world that is broken. Amidst it all, our heart longs for the King who will reign wisely, whose light and life banish the darkness for all people.

Here at Calvary we have a few opportunities for you this Christmas to both celebrate that Jesus was born and acknowledge your longing for Him to return once more. Our hope is that you will make space for these times on your calendar and that you will consider inviting a friend, neighbor or family member to join you. We truly believe that when we draw near to Jesus, at Christmas and all-year long, He draws near to us. For what greater gift could we receive than the presence of our Righteous Savior!


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