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2024, Central Asia:

2024, Central Asia–Saturday, Sunday

As I type this, suitcases are being shut, travel documents are being checked, and our time overseas is coming to an end (well, except for the thirty hours of travel it will take to get us home).

What’s been happening?

  1. The ladies’ retreat that Barb, Vicka, and Nancy helped with had a wonderful ending, complete with some very special and moving testimonies.
  2. Bob, GJ, Kim, and Larry were a huge help to a recently paralyzed man here–wallpapering and painting in his house for several hours on Saturday.
  3. Sunday (today, 6/30), we attended church here, and it was a GIFT. Amazing worship service and sermon, then (more) hugs from those on the retreats and more gifts, even homemade borsch (it was delicious!). We have been so blessed. Then, to complete the morning, several young women were baptized! What a day. In the evening, dinner with the YFC team (with the world’s biggest lazy susan), then more gifts. The brothers and sisters here have been examples of kindness and hospitality.

Very shortly, we will be driven to the airport by none other than the pastor himself, along with a YFC leader, both picking us up at midnight for our 2:30 a.m. flight! The Christians here continue to give and give.

It is almost time to go. Please pray for our travel. Please also pray for Barb and Kim as they continue on here, helping with more camps (they are amazing). Thank you!

Women’s Retreat Leadership Team:

Guys helping at the house:

Final dinner with the YFC staff:

Men with their new very special Kyrgyz hats!