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Short Term Missions, Weekly Focus:

2020 Short-Term Mission Trips

I used to think short-term mission trips were only for the “super-spiritual, bilingual, uber Christian” who had the entire Bible memorized. Then I was challenged to go to Kiev. With some skepticism, I asked God for everything to fall into place logistically before I would commit, and sure enough God orchestrated some amazing details! Despite this, I told God “I am not qualified,” God broke down that barrier and not only did I go to Kiev, but God awakened my heart to His love for the nations. That trip created a new awareness in me so now when I read, “People will come from east and west and north and south, and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God” (Luke 13:29) I find myself almost in tears rejoicing at what a great God we have who loves all His children. 

In spite of your own doubts, I hope you consider signing up for a mission trip.  You don’t have to be qualified, just called! Seek after God, He will tell you if there is a trip right for you. Applications are online at or you can pick one up at the Connection Point today. 

– Natalie Uecker, Assistant Director, Missions & Outreach

Lesvos, Greece
Lesvos is a Greek island where many of the millions of refugees have fled to escape war, persecution and fear. They bring only what they can carry and are put in a refugee camp on the island for months or even years. This team would work at the Women and Children’s Center across from one of the camps and the men will work directly at Moira the refugee camp. Men and women may apply to either available trip.

Trip Dates: April 24 – May 3, September 25 – October 4

Chinhangane, Mozambique
This team will focus on nurturing, cultivating and equipping believers in Chinhangane. Additionally, they will work with the local churches in developing a support ministry to widows in the village and continue to focus on street evangelism in an effort to share the Gospel with a wider audience. The team will use the Simply The Story method of oral Bible storytelling.

Trip Dates: May 5 – 19

Partnering with Calvary supported missionary Andy Girwarnauth you will be completing construction of a Community Center and Dining Hall for a Christian camp.  The team will partner with local laborers and skilled foreman to finish this project.

Trip Dates: May 1-10 (Men only, all skill levels are welcome.)