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2024, Central Asia:

2024, Central Asia–Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday :-)

These days have been AMAZING, and are quickly flying by. Thank you tons for praying.

Quick update from the women’s retreat (that Barb, Vicka, and Nancy are helping with): We have until this Saturday afternoon (4 p.m. Central Asia time) before we say goodbye to these dear, sweet women. Please pray. Pray for decisions needing to be made, for breakthroughs with God, and for God’s faithfulness, mercy, and grace to be evident. Thank you!

Quick update about the end of the youth retreat: It sounds like everything went (super) well–the students had a blast, and the adults survived. 🙂 By the way, it sounds like the bead-making activity with Kim was THE place to be. (Sidenote: if anyone is looking for some great team-building activities, Kim and Barb are the ones to get–really!)

Here are some quick pics. May God bless you as you are a huge, vital help to all that is happening here.