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2024, 2024, 78 Wisconsin, Short Term Missions:

7&8 Madison – Day 2

Day 2 – Intro to Evangelism and Getting to know the City

After what seemed like a small amount of sleep, we were awakened by the bright, warm sun. It was as if the Lord was telling us to get up and get ready for the day that He had planned for us.

After breakfast we were introduced to our first quiet time where we have some simple prompts in a journal and some passages to read and reflect upon. This year we will be using the book of Joshua as our guide. This morning’s topic was to “I Can Trust God”.

We then went into worship where we sang several songs of praise to our good God.

From there we were able to spend some time talking about Evangelism. What evangelism is and what it isn’t. We learned several good tips to how we can start up a conversation with someone and slowly work that toward a conversation about God. The YWAM staff setup different scenarios that each one of our students (in groups) were able to interact with which was a great step for our students.

We were able to learn many things about what worked well and what did not. We learned that the more we practiced the easier it became. We learned that no matter what, when we are obedient to the Holy Spirit’s direction in our life, God is proud of us and will go with us wherever we go.

After a quick lunch we headed toward downtown Madison to start to get to know the city. Our task – Scavenger Hunt. With a little over an hour to complete, we raced around State Street looking for clues and looking to bless people.

Between the warmth of the day and the energy spent on the scavenger hunt, we were ready to load the vans and head back to the YWAM TC (Training Center). The results of the scavenger hunt showed Frank’s team coming out on top. We talked about the time spent downtown and the people we were able to talk with.

It was now time for dinner and small group time. We broke into our groups for tomorrow, talked about what to expect on tomorrow’s outreach, and finished with a time of prayer. We asked God to go before us and prepare the hearts of those we would encounter. We told God that we trust Him with our whole life and asked Him for peace. We told God we love Him with our whole heart and that we desire to show Him that through our actions.

Tomorrow is going to be a Good Day!!

But for now, its bed time!