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2024, 78 Wisconsin:

7&8 Madison – Day 6

Day 6 – Return Day

This morning we were able to wake up and spend a little time packing up while breakfast was being made. Most days our breakfast consisted of cereal, toast, bagels, yogurt and fruit. This day, however, as we packed up we were greeted by smells of freshly cooked bacon coming from the kitchen toward our rooms. This morning’s breakfast was pancakes and bacon, and it was fantastic.

With the sadness that this trip was coming to an end, there was also the joy of getting home and seeing our families. Most students were ready after 5 or 6 days. There was so much packed into those days that several of us didn’t hardly have time to be homesick, which was good.

After breakfast we loaded the vans and did some final cleanup to help the YWAM staff. There was floor vacuuming and mopping, bathroom cleaning and a few other odds and ends that the students did a fantastic job with.

After the cleaning the YWAM staff took the opportunity to each pray over us as we huddled as a group. This was a powerful moment of these college-aged young people, and their fearless leader, expressing gratitude for the blessing that our group was to them this week while also speaking words of encouragement over our students to go home and make an impact in our community. I think we all learned a little something about the power of prayer this week and the importance of it, that this was a very fitting end to our time here in Madison.

Before we loaded the vans we took one final group picture with the YWAM staff and said our goodbye’s.

We hopped on the road with about an hour and a half drive to the ferry. We stopped close to the ferry for a quick, early lunch at Chick-fil-a.

We then boarded the ferry for our two-and-a-half-hour ride to Muskegon which was a bit choppy. This caused me to think back over the past several days. There were moments of this trip that were a bit choppy also, a bit rough. Any Mission Trip I have ever been a part of has always had its fair share of Spiritual Warfare, and this trip was no different. But God was so faithful to see us through. God proved himself big enough to handle any sort of minor team drama that we encountered, allowing for students to grow in their relationships with each other and with Him. What the devil meant for bad, God was able to turn into good.

We made it to Muskegon and then the 45min drive to church and to our loved ones waiting to greet us with big smiles and warm hugs. We made it We had a mission to glorify God and bless others in the city of Madison, WI and I can truly say that we did those things! These students took this mission seriously and because of their obedience, God showed up every step of the way. I think each student can say that they saw God in special ways this week, that they felt a new closeness with God, and that they are excited for what He has in store for them next!

Thanks for joining us on this journey and for praying us through!!