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2022, 78 Missions, Short Term Missions:

78 Madison Mission Trip 7/24 post#1

I will post again at the end of the night but wanted to let you all know that we’ve arrived!

Once we arrived in Milwaukee, we ate lunch and headed to Discovery World. A huge surprise to us was that while we were there, we were able to take in a Blue Angels show!

Before Bed Additions: We are having a great time! We played a name game to get to know the awesome and very hospitable YWAM staff and for them to know our names.  Fun was had by all.  We are moving into free time; lights out for our group is 11 pm (12 am) Grand Rapids time! Breakfast will come early (7:30 am) so pray everyone will get a good nights rest to meet with he Lord and his people in downtown Madison tomorrow!

Notes for the kids to tell their parents when we return: Lauren is our self proclaimed accidental cupbearer as she has tasted more meals than most of us do in a day!

The 78 Team