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2022, 78 Missions, Short Term Missions:

78 Madison Missions Wednesday am post

We are 1/2 way through our week! The kids are sleeping pretty well! Please pray against general fatigue and that we would all have the energy needed to play with kids this afternoon and to participate in a physical labor project tomorrow!

The students have a variety of things to tell you about witnessing on the streets in Madison. We encountered college kids, those struggling with securing housing, people waiting for the busses, those with mental illness. YWAM has a great presence downtown as they do this every Tuesday. It was great to see the students give their time to the less fortunate, listen to their stories and then be able to share their faith and pray with people. At the end, we shared stories and debriefed in front of the capitol bldg. Each group experienced this: The Holy Spirit will give you words to say. It’s important to know the truth so that when you come upon falsehood you are standing upon a firm foundation. People are totally willing to talk to a complete stranger.

When we were done, we went to a terrace overlooking one of the two lakes that almost completely surround the capitol and praised the greatness of our God. I’ve never heard the kids sing more loud or proud of their creator!

At the end of every night we have free time. And in standard Rodney fashion, he made an unbelievable trick shot playing PIG in the gym.

Today, we will have more classroom time in the morning and then after lunch we will be off to show the love of Jesus to children! YWAM has established a relationship with an apartment/townhome residence in the area which allows teams to go in weekly and play with them!

toodle loo!