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2022, 78 Missions, Short Term Missions:

78 Madison Missions Wednesday Evening Post

Today is Wednesday. Middle of the week. This team is doing amazing things. Satan wants nothing more than to break into friendships, distract us from our mission, and to lay waste to the fire God is flaming in these teens hearts. We’ve prayed against Satan’s tactics and ask that our supporters do the same!

Today we discussed role models. You guessed it. A role model is someone who models a role in our life that we look up to. What kind of virtues do they display? Can you relate to them and be like them? Josh, our teacher of the day, had us look up scriptures which pointed out things we can relate to with Jesus. Pretty serious discussion. He ends with Luke 2:52 and we point out that Jesus grew – he once was a baby and grew into a man, just like we are growing up. Relatable – check.

To rephrase it, Josh then speaks “teen language” and here is how the conversation went.

Josh says, “Jesus pooped his pants.”

Cecelia: “Relatable!”

There has been no lack of humor or laughter on this trip.

You should all be so proud of your kids. They have hearts of compassion and care about the things that the Lord cares about. This afternoon the kids displayed much compassion as we ministered to kids in low income housing. We played outdoor games, did crafts, and prayed with them in the end. The children either shared requests, prayed out loud or listened to others pray over them. Through weekly YWAM team visits, these children continue to learn about the love of Jesus through the hands and feet of other kids!

For an afternoon treat, we went to The Sassy Cow Creamery for fresh ice cream. There was a large corn bin that provided many opportunities for great photos!

Tomorrow we will end our serving with a physical labor project in the afternoon. The Lord has planned yet another beautiful day of weather – 76 and sunny! Pray we will dig deep, finish strong, and find joy in serving the Lord!