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2019, Lesvos September:

Lesvos September 2019 – Monday

Today was our first day serving at the All4Aid center, located near Camp Moria. The staff said that it wasn’t as busy as usual due to two fires that broke out the day before inside the camp, where nearly 13,000 refugees are currently living. The fires, which killed at least one person and triggered rioting, has created more tension and fear, causing the women to stay home.

Those who came took showers, washed their laundry, sewed, mended clothing and just rested. Our team spent time painting their nails, coloring with the kids, playing games and whatever else we could do to make them feel comfortable and cared for.

Due to overcrowding and growing tensions, we are not allowed to enter the camp, so our day ended a bit early (prior Calvary Church teams have helped serve meals inside the camp), giving us more time to spend together as a team and preparing for the week’s activities. We are preparing fun crafts for the women and children who will visit the center tomorrow.

While it is overwhelming to comprehend the daily devastation these refugees endure, we are blessed to continue to support the All4Aid team, knowing we serve a mighty God who loves each of them.

Thank you for your supportive prayers and encouragement as we watch news unfold about yesterday’s events. We are all in great spirits and are excited to go back tomorrow.

If you’d like to follow what’s happening at the center, you may also follow All4Aid on Facebook.

– Angela Klinske