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The church calendar begins its year with Advent: a season of expectation and waiting that stretches from the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. Through our Advent Guide (produced originally in 2017), Calvary provides a weekly practice by which to walk through this season with greater intentionality. This guide follows key individuals through a portion of their biblical narrative, observing their obedience to God in bringing about His ultimate plan of redemption. Each week also asks you to consider how their stories impact your own. Throughout Advent, you will see how God redeems pain, blesses obedience, and provides for us as we wait on Him – and ultimately how He fulfills all His promises in Jesus. Join us in celebrating this season; follow along with our church-wide Advent Guide, printable copies are available at

On the second Sunday of Advent, December 5, we light the peace candle. For many this season of merriment highlights the loss and longing in their life. The festivities only heighten insecurities and busy schedules. We lament the chaos and angst we experience and wonder, “How long Lord must we continue in this way?” But we don’t lament as those without hope or promise, for we know Christ will one day return. We take our aches to Him and await the Lord’s coming justice and glory. May the Holy Spirit be a force of peace in your life, bringing comfort as you wait.