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Spiritual Care

At some point in our lives, we all need extra help. Calvary offers many options for those who seek extra care. If you need prayer, meals or have any care needs, contact us at (616)956-9377 ext. 5628.

Calvary Care Contacts

Josh Warren
Minister & Director,
Calvary Care

Dane Bjork
Minister, Calvary Care

Andrea Reiffer
Care Counselor

Erika Sparks
Executive Assistant

Spiritual Care

It can be helpful to talk to someone about the situation you are facing. Our Calvary Care staff can help you sort through a difficult time and offer prayer and biblical guidance for your situation.

Contact the Calvary Care Office by phone at 956-9377 ext. 3623or email to to make an appointment.

Professional Counseling

Calvary partners with many Christian counselors in the area trained to help with situations including depression, marriage struggles, parenting difficulties, and other complicated circumstances.

Contact our Calvary Care Office at 956-9377 et. 3623 to make a connection.