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2017, Central Asia, Short Term Missions:

Central Asia Team is preparing to leave!

Our Central Asia team is preparing to leave!

Take a moment to imagine leaving Grand Rapids to arrive in an entirely different country where you only know your teammates and your missionary. Then think about walking off that plane prepared to do everything that God asks of you in a world that is completely unknown.  This is the spreading of the Gospel. This is Calvary Church following God’s plan for Kingdom Work. And this is our team asking for your prayer support as they embark on a season of discipleship in an area where Jesus is unknown.

They will have spotty internet and may not be able to post to the blog as often as they would like to so following their prayer calendar (below) is important.

Thanks to all of you for understanding the enormity of their undertaking. Thank you for your donations to the team, without which they would never be going around the world. And, thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,