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2023, Guyana, Short Term Missions:

Guyana 2023: Day 4 1/19/23

Today was HOT HOT HOT! But so much was accomplished. Prim and Anita’s house is looking so good. They are both so happy and thankful. Matt and Joe are working on fence around the property. Pat and Bill are designing a whole new kitchen. Dan, Laurie and Lisa are tiling bathroom and shower. Tom and John are replacing all the windows. It’s been a great team God provided with many different skills. Not only do we have our team but the Guyanese team works circles around us. Pat shared last night about Ephesians 2 with us and his longing for heaven. We prayed together for the unsaved people in Guyana and in our lives. Our heart was longing for these people to open their hearts to Jesus. As I type this we are heading out for another days work. Bonus training Lisa is getting cooking lessons from the kitchen ladies. Communication has been great. Please continue to pray for health, safety and energy. Also please pray for the unsaved on the Guyanese team and that we can be witnesses for Christ to them as we work. Thank you from a team of strangers who are now all friends!