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2017, France, Short Term Missions:

France 2017: Learning About the Culture

By: Nicole Bedell

In preparation for this trip we had been learning about the Muslim culture and communities we are going to be spending time in this week, but this afternoon we were actually able to experience it.  We were able to prayer walk through a neighborhood proclaiming Jesus’ victory over the darkness and asking God to be moving in the hearts of those we will meet when we go door to door on Wednesday inviting them to the BBQ on Sunday. As we prayer walked through the neighborhood our eyes were opened to the darkness and their great need for Jesus.  It was a powerful experience and I have a feeling we will all be prayer walking through our own neighborhoods when we get home, expectantly asking God to do a great work in our communities.

As we were able to share a homemade Syrian and Algerian meal tonight with some of the Muslim Background Believers we met on Sunday we were reminded of the power of the Word and how God draws each of us to him in a unique way.  He loves all of us and knows exactly how to orchestrate our lives so we will hear the Good Shepherd’s voice. The testimonies of these brothers and sisters are powerful.  God has reached down to meet them where they were – into the dark and broken places they were living.  The Word is alive and active and by its power they were given new life.

Pray with us for the families of the Muslim Background Believers who are still living in darkness and have not accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done.