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2017, France, Short Term Missions:

France 2017: Respite Day

Today was a scheduled respite day.

We started out early and drove to Geneva Switzerland. The traffic was heavy early and it took about two hours. Interesting crossing the boarder without having to clear customs. (Thank you European Union.)

Our local missionary was an excellent tour guide. We first headed to the Reformation museum which was really close to John Calvin’s church. The museum was packed with information and had a lot to see. The audio tour was very informative. The first Bible translated into the English language in 1562 was on site.

It was a great reminder of the boldness and strength the leaders of the Reformation exhibited as they relied on the Holy Spirit to bring truth and change to all people which affected even us!

We walked to a beautiful monument park which included Calvin, Knox, Beze and Farel. We ate our lunch in the park and read some of the inscriptions on the wall. The one that spoke to me was The Lord’s Prayer in old English.

We leisurely strolled through the town taking in the church Calvin preached at, as well as a few other churches.

We had a great group dinner on the way back in Annecy France, followed by a walk nearby a gorgeous lake.

Thank you God for delaying the expected rain till just before we were ready to eat and having it end so we could walk.

Pray for our time tomorrow prayer walking as we blanket the neighborhood of Ville Neuve with God’s presence before our time going door to door on Saturday. Pray with us that the Devil’s strongholds would be decimated and Jesus would reign in this neighborhood!