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2023, Greece:

2023 Greece: Glyfada Greece 5/22/23

Hello to those who have been tracking our mission trip. To those who have supported, followed, and prayed for this trip, God has used the money, prayers, and support to completely fund our trip for June 2023! In the last week of funding, over $10,000 was raised. From last-minute $2,000 checks to random interactions that led to more than $5,000 being donated at once, it was incredible to see it happen. The way God showed up to financially support us like that created a new understanding of what it means to trust God as this trip moves forward. The VBS planning has taken full swing as the team is now preparing the materials needed to be brought or bought for the planning. The itinerary has been set, and members are working on the teachings they will deliver. The excitement for this trip has been buzzing. Through God’s showing up and the resilient efforts of this team, a stronger connection has been created among us, moving forward. We ask for continued prayer as this trip is set to leave in just a few weeks. Thank you!

-Glyfada Team