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2019, Glyfada, Short Term Missions:

Glyfada- Thursday Update

Every day here we can feel ourselves digging deeper into what God has for this place and seeing how He is moving in Glyfada!

Today was slow at Bluprint, but there were still awesome conversations happening! Most of the team spent the day with staff on Bluprint, and got to know them better. Jim had an incredible meeting with someone connected to Bluprint over coffee this afternoon and shared the gospel with him. They have plans to meet again tomorrow!

At VBS today the kids heard from Sean about how God has called him to be a leader. They also had a visit from Joshua, who explained how God called him to be a leader to the Israelites. We took the children on a field trip to the beach, where they completed a challenge course complete with squirt guns and a slip and slide. It was another great day with some great kids!

In the evening, the ladies made it to Voula House to practice English with the women living there. We learned a lot about where they came from, how they made it to Greece, and how they are feeling about their situation. Our team met up again for dinner tonight, which was a delicious surprise of homemade pastitsio from a wonderful family that we have been so blessed to get to know.

Tomorrow is our last day in Glyfada. We will wrap up VBS and Bluprint, and have to say goodbye to some really great people here. Please pray for a busier day at Bluprint and a great last day of VBS, and Jim as he continues to pour into the young man from Bluprint.

Our team has not yet given up on getting you all pictures! Sean (our tech guy) has been so selfless in spending lots of time trying to figure out how we can get something on here, but no success yet.