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2018, Hamtramck, Short Term Missions:

Hamtramck Day 3 Mosque Engagement

After 8 hours of engagement on Day 3, Zach & Jon Nuenke were still begging for more. Jon had never been to a mosque, and Zach is a real EV “tiger”, so we drove to this little slice of Yemen in Detroit. It was honestly the best mosque experience I’ve ever had! We definitely received a lot of surprised looks as we walked in, sat in the back, praying for them as they did their ritual prayers. Soon though, we were approached by many friendly Yemenis, who welcomed us warmly. When we told them God sent us to pray for Mslm people & share the good news of the Injil, they were amazed & thankful. A little group formed around us, and soon each of us was sharing truth right in the middle of the prayer space. Others gathered around to hear what these “Americans” were saying. They were impressed by our knowledge and our passion. One young Yemeni man was strident at first in the group as a “defender of the faith.” But Zach pulled him aside by himself and soon the man was opening up his life to Zach, confessing to many sins & problems in his life. He asked Zach, “Would you go out with me so we could talk more about these things?”

I was impressed by Jon who was making his first trip to a mosque. After watching me for a little while, he was soon on his own, sharing for a long time with a young Somali on his first mosque visit! I’m amazed! After 4 hours, we ended up in the parking lot outside the mosque, sharing in the middle of a Yemeni neighborhood until 1am. It was really an awesome experience!

Praise Jesus!

Jon Shepherd, Zach Schmuck, Jon Neunke and The Team!