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2018, Hamtramck, Short Term Missions:

Hamtramck, Detroit Day 1

Our first day engaging least reached Yemenis & Bengalis couldn’t have gone  much better! God prepared many opportunities for us! As one Calvary team member said, “It’s only 2 hours away, yet when we entered Hamtramck it was a whole different world! It was like we took a 20 hr flight & stepped off into another country!” We ate lunch at a Yemeni restaurant and then hit the ground running! In 5 hours of sharing 16 Bengalis and Yemenis heard the gospel for the first time; 8 received NTs in their language for the first time; and all were prayed for in Jesus’ name! There were so many people on the streets & at home that we never failed to have someone to talk with! It was amazing! One team member said, “I was nervous coming over, thinking, “Man, I’m actually going to do this! But after the first share I was ready to go!” I loved this insight though: “It’s so easy in church to just make everything about us, but only 2 hours from GR we have this tragically dark place. It’s a spiritual desert, and there’s really no one here to give any hope and light!” Pray for this team & the people God has brought to Hamtramck!

Calvary your team – Jon Shepherd (Calvary Supported Missionary) and Zach Schmuck, Jon Neunke, Katie DeHaan, Athina Morehouse, Josh DeHaan, Emily England, Nancy Roelfsema