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2018, Hamtramck, Short Term Missions:

Hamtramck: Sowing/Sifting 2018

“Last week was the best week of engagement I’ve had in the US. This Calvary Church team was a joy to work with. Over the course of 5 days, they shared the gospel for the first time with 120 least reached Muslim people! They prayed with even more people in the name of Jesus to bring blessing into Yemeni & Bengali homes. They handed out dozens of NTs, DVDs, & gospel tracts. Those who received Bibles received them for the very first time. With tremendous boldness, they shared the gospel at front doors, in living rooms, in restaurants, at parks, in parking lots, and even in mosques. Every team member had the experience of sharing Christ with Muslims right in the mosque. They truly “became all things to all men that by all means they may win some,” eating only Yemeni & Bengali food for a week and using their language! Josh summed it up like this: “The Lord works through obedience. I would have never have gone on this trip except out of obedience to him. Everyone should experience this. It changed our lives. I realized it’s not going to kill me to share. Just do it. I love Jesus! Why was I so afraid to share him?!”

Grace and Peace,

Jon Shepherd & Your Team

P.S. Continue to pray for them and the people they met.