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2018, Hamtramck, Short Term Missions:

Hamtramck: Sowing/Sifting Day 3

Calvary, I’ve been told that this city is too hard, that people aren’t receptive to hearing the gospel, that we’d be arrested for sharing in this Mslm majority city. Maybe there’s another Hamtramck? I love this place! There’s been so much surprise, so much gratitude for prayer and for the message we bring! The team grows daily in their passion and skill for this work! On Day 3, in over 12 hours of engagement, 40 Yemenis & Bengalis heard the gospel for the first time! Most received NTs or gospel resources for the first time! A Bosnian who was given a NT, said, “Can I keep this? I’ve never been given an Injil before?” Many more gratefully received prayer! The stories, once again, are testimonies of God’s faithfulness to the obedience of His people! Katy’s team walked into a Bengali neighborhood that is really like a village in Bangladesh. As they greeted & spoke with a family on a porch, the father said, “Do you want to come & sit with us?” Over tea & cookies, they shared the gospel with family & friends. When the family had to go, a little boy asked, “Do you want to come to my house?” Katy & the others were soon surrounded by kids on another Bengali porch. They read stories from the Jesus Story Book Bible with them, and shared the gospel! As they were leaving the neighborhood, they ran into 2 Bengali high school boys who they really connected with. The boys invited them to the park, and, as they sat on the bleachers, Athena shared the gospel. The boys were impressed, “How do you know these things! You pray better than we do! Let’s meet again & we want to bring our friends to meet you!” Zach & I found the same receptivity with Yemeni teens! One in particular spoke with us for nearly an hour. You could tell his mind was whirling. As we answered his common objections in ways he’d never heard, he kept saying, “Yes, yes, but I don’t know what to think. I’m very confused. I’ve never heard this before.” I’m so impressed by the bold, faith-filled courageous faith of these guys! At the park, Emily kept approaching fully-covered Yemeni woman all by herself. Although she kept getting rebuffed, she persevered, (I’ve been there! That is tough work!) and God blessed her with 2 great shares with women!

Once again, praise God & what a day,

Jon Shepherd and The Team