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2018, Hamtramck, Short Term Missions:

Hamtramck: Sowing/Sifting Day 4

Day 4 for Detroit Team:

Jon writes, “Today we entered mosques, not only to observe, but to engage. The ladies entered the large Yemeni mosque through the ladies entrance, a small door on the backside of the building. They said it felt like being devalued. They entered a room with 5 Yemeni ladies who spoke only Arabic & an English speaking teen, but they were welcomed warmly. The Yemeni ladies showed them how they wash before ritual prayer &, after prayer, sat in a circle with the team for a long spiritual talk. Our team shared the gospel, answered objections, & asked questions about the Qur’an. Our ladies were struck by how kind the Yemeni ladies were. The final comment of one Yemeni broke all their hearts: “Keep searching & seeking & maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to go to Paradise.”

With great boldness, the guys entered a Bengali mosque & were able to arrange a meeting with the imam & mosque president. In another Bengali mosque, my team met a Yemeni whom we connected well with but weren’t able to share with. My teammate prayed we’d be able to meet him. While going door to door later, we happened to knock on his door! We had a long discussion on his porch and he heard the gospel, saying, “I’m not a typical Mslm. I have many questions and am seeking the truth. If the Injil is true, I will follow it.”

By the end of the day 20 Mslms heard & many received NTs for the first time. I thank God for this amazing team!”

Jon Shepherd

From left to right: Jon N., Josh, Jon S., Zack, Nancy, Katie, Emily and Athina

Keep praying for this team and the people whom God brings to them.

In Christ,

Natalie Uecker – STM