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2019, Lesvos, Short Term Missions:

Lesvos, August 2019– Princess Day

Today was the day!— princess day! Both the mothers and daughters loved all of the activities. We had stations around the center for makeup, massages, sharing affirmations, hair dressing, crown making, nail painting, and a banquet style snack. It was the team’s job to simply supervise the stations, as the point of the day was for mother-daughter bonding— they would do the activities on each other. All of our team members agreed that today was more intimate with the refugee women as we got hand shakes, big smiles, and cheek kisses goodbye at the end of the day.  

Since the day ended a little bit earlier than usual we had a bit more time in the afternoon before dinner. We took this time to drive up a path around Moria and park at an outlook to see the camp from above. Even from our height on the mountain we were able to hear children playing but also crying, and see parents milling about. It was a very overwhelming thing to see and made the work we are doing at the center all the more surreal.

Knowing that tomorrow is our last day at the center is bittersweet. The work is hot and can seem monotonous, but the relationships that have been built and the seeds that have been planted make everything worth it. Please pray that we have one last burst of energy to get through our final day!