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2019, Lesvos, Short Term Missions:

Lesvos, August 2019– Travel & arrival

We woke up early Friday morning and hopped on our first flight from GR to Detroit. From there, we had a 5 hour layover and then a flight to NYC. From NYC, we began the longest stretch of trip as we boarded a 9 hour flight to Athens. That flight was a little bumpy— both literally and figuratively. With a lot of turbulence, a few girls experienced nausea, and one girl got sick several times. We prayed against the flu, and with water, sleep, and a little bit of food once we landed, we’re all back to normal.

After our final flight, we landed in Lesvos— cars were rented, groceries were bought, and we all got a great nights sleep.

At church this morning we sang in both English and Farsi which was  such a unique and beautiful experience. The pastor spoke on “The Good Seed,” referencing Matthew 13. This afternoon we are headed to see a few local shops and visit the “Lifejacket Graveyard.” We will begin working at the Centre for Women and Children tomorrow.

Thank you for being faithful in prayer! We are looking forward to everything God will be doing this week.

(The picture is a beautiful view seen on our drive last night with Turkey in the horizon)